artwork Lilie & Schmetterlinge NO. 1 by Andrea Esswein

Artwork: Lilie & Schmetterlinge NO. 1by Andrea Esswein

Mixed-Media, 70*100 cm klassisch

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About the Artwork

Copygram (digitized), print on mulitplex, edition 5 (2 AP), 2022. Numbered and signed. Although the work has an edition of 5 and is therefore not unique, each print is unique. This is because the wood grain is unique to each work and cannot be controlled. The work is created with the help of a copying machine. The object is placed directly on the glass pane of the copier. The copy is digitized and further processed like a photograph.

About the Artist

"...And something else becomes visible: a higher power. Many of Esswein's pictures radiate a spiritual aura. People seem strangely enraptured, transfigured. Plants held out to the viewer as if by a ghostly hand look like a divine gift." Georg Spindler Andrea Esswein has been working with the medium of "Copygram" since 1998. Using the photocopier, which serves her as a photographic tool, she first makes the original copies. For this purpose, she places objects, animals and people on the copier. Then Esswein creates a new image by assembling the individually photocopied parts along a rectangular line like the pieces of a puzzle to form a collage. The interfaces and overlaps between the individual parts remain visible even after the subsequent work process. The artist's interest is focused on the construction of a new reality far removed from our visual habits. Today Esswein lives and works as a freelance artist in Wiesbaden. She has been awarded the Albert-Haueisen-Preis, the ISCP grant in New York and the PAF (Performing Arts Forum) grant in France, among others. Esswein is part of the MeetFrida Exhibition current/s at the Streetside Gallery in Hamburg.


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