artwork Piece 76 – Circular by Offbeat

Artwork: Piece 76 – Circularby Offbeat

Mixed-Media, 100*110 cm abstrakt

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About the Artwork

Mixed Media, 2022.

About the Artist

Offbeat thrives on exchange and discussion between Michael Hennings (*1984, Hamburg) and countless others. His images arise from impressions and experiences at the interface between architecture and urban contemporary art. The roots of his artistic work lie in the late 90s in the field of graffiti writing, which influenced him for many years and still accompanies him today. During his architecture studies, the images became increasingly abstract, up to a completely geometric abstract style of representation. After completing his studies, he worked in renowned architectural offices and incorporated the relevance of social and sustainable architecture into his pictures. Offbeat thus stands for the artistic examination of one's own work, combined with the intention of demonstrating modes of impact in the field of architecture and promoting positive development. This is expressed in conceptual works and exhibitions, through sculptural wall objects, digital photomontages and large-format murals.


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