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"...And something else becomes visible: a higher power. Many of Esswein's pictures radiate a spiritual aura. People seem strangely enraptured, transfigured. Plants held out to the viewer as if by a ghostly hand look like a divine gift." Georg Spindler Andrea Esswein has been working with the medium of "Copygram" since 1998. Using the photocopier, which serves her as a photographic tool, she first makes the original copies. For this purpose, she places objects, animals and people on the copier. Then Esswein creates a new image by assembling the individually photocopied parts along a rectangular line like the pieces of a puzzle to form a collage. The interfaces and overlaps between the individual parts remain visible even after the subsequent work process. The artist's interest is focused on the construction of a new reality far removed from our visual habits. Today Esswein lives and works as a freelance artist in Wiesbaden. She has been awarded the Albert-Haueisen-Preis, the ISCP grant in New York and the PAF (Performing Arts Forum) grant in France, among others. Esswein is part of the MeetFrida Exhibition current/s at the Streetside Gallery in Hamburg.


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