artwork We're in this together by Ju Schnee

Artwork: We're in this togetherby Ju Schnee

Malerei, 170*104 cm abstrakt

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About the Artwork

Oil on canvas + AR, 2022

About the Artist

In her work, Ju Schnee plays with the surfaces and superficialities of the digitally transformed world. She works in multimedia, merging reality with the virtual world by bringing digital objects into the physical world - and vice versa. The repertoire of forms that predominates in Ju Schnee's canvases and sculptures takes the viewer into a seemingly virtual world composed of a multitude of shapes, materialities and colors. The haptic works receive an additional layer through the level of augmented reality that is always present in Ju Schnee's work. With the help of another app, a second virtual surface becomes visible on the canvases, which is in constant motion but physically intangible. This transforms the physical canvas into a virtual work without a surface, which appears three-dimensional and tangible via the smartphone screen. In another level of the work, virtual sculptures with a three-dimensional surface appear by scanning a QR code, seemingly floating in real space and almost physically tangible - but ultimately, in contrast, only tangible via the flat screen of the smartphone, creating an enormous discrepancy between visible and tangible surface. In this way, Ju Schnee achieves a balance between imagination, manifestation, and reaction. The repertoire of forms from Ju Schnee's work visualizes, among other things, the artist's spiritual world of thought, which in the virtual dimension of the artworks almost become a walkable landscape and can expand the haptic surface of physical artworks in a real experience and give space to the viewer's imagination.


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