artwork Space time simultaneity by Carla Bertone

Artwork: Space time simultaneityby Carla Bertone

Malerei, 40*40 cm abstrakt

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About the Artwork

Acrylic on wood, 2018

About the Artist

I've worked with geometric abstraction for many years. Working with continuity and constancy, I've managed to develop works and projects of excellent technical quality and conceptual depth. Geometric abstraction is for me a language that allows us to understand certain cognitive processes and morphological behaviours that go far beyond a singular and isolated mind (the artist's mind) and somehow "reveal" or make visible complex structures referring the organization of human's perception and experience. Questions about how perception works, the relationship between the material and the immaterial and the mysterious and multifaceted nature of reality, have always been the motivators and main axes of my work and research. So are the formal beauty of precision, intelligence, shape and colour, and the mental and emotional states that take place in contemplation a piece of art. Geometry, like mathematics, is a field of infinite possibilities, that's why I'm interested in a serial development of the works to go deeper in the research of single elements and also in introducing some variations exploring different formats and materials to widen even more the areas of expansion.


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