artwork Private and/or Public  by Bojana Fužinato

Artwork: Private and/or Public by Bojana Fužinato

Skulptur, 40*60 cm konzeptionell

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About the Artwork

Woven textile; material cotton, sculpture form made in epoxy resin. Can we be aware of the line between private and public activity in our lives? Is that harder if the subject is the one who creates? Weaving in her room, did Bojana's grandmother ever think that by creating that piece of material on the loom, her life would go from a private to a public one (inaccessible to her at the time)? By transposing a piece of textile that Bojana weaves by hand into an object titled installation in space, she breaks through the thin line between the private and the public. Bojana makes the soft structure of the fabric stop, freezing it, making it hard as stone, so that the outside view can feel how it slides under her fingers, rounded and tender.

About the Artist

Bojana Fužinato Stamenković was born in 1986 in Čačak, Serbia. Since the beginning of 2019 she has been working and living in Hamburg. Bojana is a visual artist counterstaining feminist practices using different technics of woman's craft, housework, woman's private zone, and traditional jobs attributed to woman. She also describes herself as a cultural worker and activist in the field of women’s rights and cultural awakening in underdeveloped areas. From 2014 until the end of 2018 she has been working and living in Vienna, Austria. In 2019 Bojana finished the post-graduate Master’s Program ecm- educating/curating/managing at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, and also worked there for four years in the management team. 2019/ 2020 she studied Digital feminist School at the Center for Women’s Studies at the Faculty of Political Sciences. From the beginning of the 2018, Bojana was part of the team das weisse haus artist space in Vienna, at the curatorial position. Since 2012, Bojana has also been a PhD student at the University of Arts in Belgrade, focusing on participatory feminist project in the field of visual arts. Regarding her recent cooperation and projects in her artistic career, Bojana is represented by the gallery Schleifmühlgasse 12-14 Vienna.


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