artwork o.T. by Julia Kloos

Artwork: o.T. by Julia Kloos

Zeichnung, 25.5*18.2 cm abstrakt

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About the Artwork

Pencil on paper, 2018/21

About the Artist

How do you turn thoughts into thoughts? How does one shine through something that is not verifiably anchored? I feel thoughts like a transparent, organic net, which moves fluidly between reality and illusion and connects all interspaces like a misty veil. This net is subject to permanent transformation; it creates spaces and times that we pass through and to which we bind ourselves. Each of my works is a reflection of my thought movements. It is the capture of an indescribable phenomenon and a mental game between possibilities and probabilities. When I draw, I split mental activities, investigate the attachment to life forms and objects, seek the related exchange between our thinking and the microcosm and macrocosm. In doing so, I use geometric and organic forms and patterns, subtract and add numbers and signs, reduce the given, and model thoughts into a kind of organism. Lines and words bear witness to my thought processes. The paper format helps to provide order to the ideas and to move me within different perspectives. I prefer to work with ink, pencil and light paper. I rarely use colors, only when I want to emphasize something. The drawings also serve as a template for three-dimensional objects and installations. In 2020 Julia Kloos was awarded the jury prize / add art Award 2020 for emerging art.


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