artwork N.01 Yellow/Pink by Stephan Hohenthanner

Artwork: N.01 Yellow/Pinkby Stephan Hohenthanner

Malerei, 80*100 cm abstrakt

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About the Artwork

Oil on wood, aluminum body, 2022. This work is displayed as a 2m x 3m print version of the original work in one of the nine shop windows of the Klöpperhaus (former Galeria Kaufhof) directly opposite the Jupiter. This window display gives the Klöpperhaus, which is undergoing renovation until about 2025, a new art reference. In the middle of Hamburg's city center, the exhibition shows a wide selection of confrontations with artistic work processes and inspirations. They send out artistic impulses that invite visitors to stop and linger and reveal more about the works, the artists and the project with the help of the adjacent QR codes.

About the Artist

Each image is a journey, at the beginning you do not know how long or arduous it will be. But it is started I go the process to the end until the image before my eye comes to a halt and the journey is over. It happens that you are euphoric and happy or pull your hair out because you doubt, ponder and fail, touch your own limits of what is feasible for you and your own being. But the most important thing for me is to walk the path until silence sets in, in my senses and my spirit.


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