artwork Little Troll's Detour by Ivo von Renner

Artwork: Little Troll's Detourby Ivo von Renner

Fotografie, 155*95 cm abstrakt

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About the Artwork

2008 The series of inverted landscapes shows dreamlike scenarios. Through the color changes we see them differently, we see them anew - the focus and attention are shifted, the content changes, although the same thing is shown. In a time in which we can explain and calculate everything, believe to have seen everything, Ivo von Renner shows us that the mysterious still exists - we only have to question our own viewing habits. Through the changes in color, the graphic structures of the landscape emerge. Their appearance changes significantly, details are emphasized to which we would otherwise not pay attention. Anne Simone Krüger, art historian

About the Artist

IVO is a creative event. He began working editorially for magazines and then transferred the way he photographed people to advertising photography. He had his early breakthrough with award-winning campaigns. For his clients from every continent, Ivo has traveled the world with his teams, where his workshops now take place, teaching how to arrange images. Situations and portraits are his great passion. Ivo passes on his knowledge as a lecturer and in masterclasses and gives lectures. Magazines have reported a lot about his artistic works. Today his images can be found in galleries, museums, communication in any form and have won all prestigious awards and prizes.


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