artwork Krötenwanderer (Edition: Überladen, golden) by Tobias Zaft

Artwork: Krötenwanderer (Edition: Überladen, golden)by Tobias Zaft

Skulptur, 39*40 *25 cm figurativ

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About the Artwork

Bronze (golden patina), 2023 11,2 kg, 30 copies (engraving: signature and numbering on bottom) The sculpture series "Toad Walker" unfolds a subtle social metaphor for global financial capitalism. But this ironic commentary on the financial world also conceals an intercultural dimension. While in Germany the term "toad" is synonymous with money, in China the toad is seen as a symbol of wealth and luck. There, golden, three-legged toad sculptures (Chan Chu) are a popular element that is supposed to bring money and luck into the house. The Toad Walkers thus not only gain depth through their socially critical message, but also provide insights into the cultural connection (of the artist) with China.

About the Artist

Robotics and artificial intelligence penetrate deep into the core area of human existence, into those core areas that philosophers have defined as typically human, into thinking and creating. Algorithms fed with our personal data about lifestyles and preferences, attitudes, thoughts and feelings calculate our needs to make our lives easier. The smartphone that permanently accompanies us has already been described as an extension of the body, as a new, further body part and extension of the brain. In his works, Tobias Zaft finds a hybrid form for the increasing fusion of body and technology. Tobias Zaft (born 1981 in Hamburg) studied at the State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart from 2002 to 2007 and subsequently at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing until 2009 via two graduate scholarships from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the China Scholarship Council (CSC). Since then, Zaft has realized numerous exhibitions and art projects in cooperation with companies and institutions.


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