Artwork: I Had A Dreamby LUPE

Photography and 3D Animation, 900x900px
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About the Artwork

The NFT I had a Dream is a digital photo and 3D animation. The work is based on the history of Cyprus, the last divided country in Europe. The NFT has a duration of 47 seconds, like the years the Cypriot people have been waiting and hoping for a reunification of the island.

About the Artist

Penny Monogiou (born 1989 in Cyprus) studied painting and icon painting at the Athens School of Art. Penny has lived and worked in Hamburg since 2013. Her work has been shown in numerous exhibitions at home and abroad, including in Cyprus, Greece, Germany, France and Turkey. Lucas Betz (born 1992 in Hamburg) studied film and motion design at the Technische Kunsthochschule in Berlin. Betz works in multimedia. His cinematic projects are cross-genre with a focus on the symbiosis between image and sound. In 2019, he founded his company Lashproduction. Penny Monogiou and Lucas Betz have been working together since 2019. Their works combine analogue and digital, which are particularly concerned with socio-political events beyond their own national borders. Painting, video, 3D animation and holography are the working media of the artist duo.


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