artwork happy hunting grounds no.6 by Sibylle Mayr

Artwork: happy hunting grounds no.6by Sibylle Mayr

Malerei, 62*80 cm abstrakt

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About the Artwork

Oil on canvas, 2022

About the Artist

In the works of Sibylle Mayr one can get to know life forms that seem at the same time strange and yet familiar, sprung from the sea, man or Mars. Creatures and organs reveal connections and make the non-self-evident visible. Sibylle Mayr prefers to engage with formal duplicities, created to show essential drives of life. In the most recent series of works, she again emphasizes man's constant effort to bring the wildly moving outside inside, to collect it, to possess it, perhaps to tame it. The hopelessness of this enterprise is told through the blurring of the living and the almost plastic emergence of the tool from the image. Sibylle Mayr works as a visual artist in Hamburg. The artistic focus is now on oil painting and installation. Her works have been shown in Germany, Austria, Israel, Costa Rica and New Zealand. She was selected as an exchange artist of her first hometown for the twin city in Israel and received the summer scholarship of the city of Hamburg and the Roger Willemsen Foundation last year (2022). Sibylle Mayr is currently part of the Kunstimpulse exhibition on Mönckebergstraße.


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