artwork FL02 by Nina Maria Küchler

Artwork: FL02 by Nina Maria Küchler

Zeichnung, 140*200 cm abstrakt

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About the Artwork

Polychromos on coloured paper, 2022 Facade series, framed

About the Artist

Is there an ideal living space? What could it look like and what aesthetic criteria would it have to meet in order to have not only an atmospheric but also a socio-political optimal effect? Numerous utopias have been designed over the course of time, just as many have been discarded again or have successively failed in the face of reality. However, their traces can be found surprisingly often in our everyday experience as relics of idealism cast in architecture and, if we identify them as such, they form surfaces for reflection. Such relics provide the source material that Nina Maria Küchler examines in her works. What remains after the failure of a utopia becomes poetic spaces for thought.


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