artwork Farbiges Licht by Sven Scharfenberg

Artwork: Farbiges Lichtby Sven Scharfenberg

Malerei, 75*100 cm figurativ

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About the Artwork

Oil paint, acrylic paint and putty with sand on cotton, 2021

About the Artist

In his painting, Sven Scharfenberg combines the romantic idea of discovering beauty and poetry in the everyday with the transience of architectural artifacts and casual snapshots of urban spaces and non-places. Clear perspectives, charged lighting moods, and expressive color combinations invite viewers to immerse themselves in the atmospheres depicted. Thus, the seemingly inconsequential places and their non-human actors become backdrops for the exploration of human existence. They encourage reflection on the ambivalent transformation of the city and the emergence of collective memories. Profilepicture: Nikolai Josias Krüger


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