Artwork: False Startby Rory Scott

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About the Artwork

False Start is a looping blossom of particle trails. A constant cosmic fireworks display of light and color—set to a rhythmic pace, inviting the viewer into a state of relaxed observation. False Start is an animation created during the early stages of Impermanence—a project which began in 2009.

About the Artist

Rory Scott is a multidisciplinary artist, whose work is centered around her life committed project Impermanence—currently in its 12th year. Through both digital and handmade means, Scott explores the ideas of impermanence, reality, the passage of time and the impacts of technology upon the evolution of humanity. She prominently uses patterns in her work to create visual parallels between the existence of patterns in nature and in the rhythm of our thoughts and lives. Illustrating that repetition creates form over time and ultimately the reality that we experience. Using tools such as animation, projection, augmented/virtually reality, VQGAN+CLIPs as well as handmade miniature sets, Scott seeks to create worlds that transport the viewer to environments that are palpable, dreamlike and that illicit a déjà vu like resonance. “What defines being human more than impermanence? It’s what we all have in common but are reluctant to share. I hope when people view my work they feel a sense of connectivity to me and our shared experience of traveling through time.” Rory Scott currently splits her time between Chicago and Detroit and is an Alumni of The School of The Art Institute of Chicago.


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