artwork Der Schoß by Katja Windau

Artwork: Der Schoßby Katja Windau

Skulptur, 42*42 *300 cm konzeptionell

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About the Artwork

papier-mâché, wool, felt, wood, webbing, loudspeaker, audio (5:58 min.) A dome made of wood, papier-mâché and wool hangs upside down from the ceiling by webbing. On its inside, an egg-shaped loudspeaker has taken up residence. Over several minutes, one hears the uniform sound of a respirator; after a pause, a computer-generated male voice speaks "nous sommes en guerre" (Emmanuel Macron on 3/16/2020 in his speech to the French nation).

About the Artist

Katja Windau (* 1972) studied art in the sculpture class with Wiebke Siem at the HFBK in Hamburg. Since graduating in 2007, she has taken part in numerous exhibitions and is also involved in curatorial projects. The artist directs her particular interest in social contexts in which structures shaped by apparatuses of power or sexism are revealed. Current events are incorporated in the form of text or picture quotations. The materials she uses are versatile and are combined in a creative way. In her work she uses different media such as sculpture, installation and performance and likes to move between genre boundaries. Katja Windau's works are often inspired by literary models, for example the series Der Apparat refers to a play by Jean Genet (The Balcony). The play, which is set in a brothel, deals with basic questions of human existence and in particular questions the relationship between reality and the role of the individual within the social machinery surrounding him.


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