artwork curtain by Konstantin Weber

Artwork: curtain by Konstantin Weber

Fotografie, 90*120 cm realistisch

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About the Artwork

Hahnemühle FineArt Pearl, 2020, 2/5 edition. Land Of The Three is a group of works in which each work consists of three different photographs that differ in focus, exposure, angle and distance. It happens that different images also vary in distance of time and space. While some were taken only seconds apart, others may be separated by weeks, even months. The attempt to unite all the considerations of photographic action in the search for a motif leads me to these results. The goal was to create realistic looking, yet artificial works.

About the Artist

Konstantin Weber's work explores the invisible aspects of digital technologies. His mostly self-developed photographic, video and sound techniques, which make digital visual digital image material visible/audible in a variety of transformation processes. Weber works with his own photographs and documentary film material. With autonomous artificial intelligences or adapted software, he creates visible moments from invisible processes.


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