artwork blick.dicht. by Annabella Kalisch

Artwork: blick.dicht. by Annabella Kalisch

Zeichnung, 75*110 cm abstrakt

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About the Artwork

Pencil on Paper

About the Artist

Annabella Kalisch's drawings are strange. They do not appear like ordinary drawings. Are they drawings that depict strange things. Or are they drawings that show ordinary things in a strange way? They are big. Some of them seem like windows or doors into another world. Their size refers to the drawing gestures and traces Annabella leaves on the paper. Their size allows the viewer to immerse himself in them. In this sense, they are like scenarios, landscapes, waiting for the viewer to enter them. They are waiting for us to complete the picture. They are like dreams, like nightmares. A little unreal. What is near? What is far away? What is above? What is below? What do I see at all? Things are not as they seem and everything is in motion. Like a shadow on a wall of a room that changes and asks us for its meaning. These drawings were created over weeks, over months, with a lot of patience and intuition. That's why they demand the same calmness and time from the viewer, to approach them with sensitivity and caution... as if you were walking at night through an unknown landscape full of familiar shadows.


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