artwork Ausblick auf Thuje by Petra Gell

Artwork: Ausblick auf Thujeby Petra Gell

Malerei, 20*30 cm realistisch

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About the Artwork

Mixed Media on Paper

About the Artist

In her works Petra Gell deals with questions of space, city and architecture. The starting point is often the experience and perception of specific places and urban constellations. The architectural structures are first captured photographically and then translated into abstract lines and surfaces. Gell draws on different office materials for her collages and installations, as well as everyday objects or building materials. The combination of materials depends on their color and on the qualities they unfold in space. Due to their installative character, the spatial realizations are hardly perceptible as architecture at first glance. In an interior space, she stages the reconfiguration of an external spatial or architectural experience as an accumulation of lines, surfaces and bodies, which through their playful-conceptual arrangement has a participatory quality that invites one's own adaptation and reconfiguration. Architecture to think for oneself. Roman Grabner, Universalmuseum Joanneum


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