artwork No Title by C. von Plettenberg

Artwork: No Titleby C. von Plettenberg

Malerei, 80*100 cm abstrakt

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About the Artwork

acrylic on canvas

About the Artist

Does the supersensible, the superhuman, the supratemporal exist? These are questions that Carlotta von Plettenberg explores in depth. She goes on journeys into her deep inner being, into her heart, soul and spirit, because she believes that only the harmony of body, mind and soul allows a healthy person to be. "Man is born free and everywhere he lies in chains" (Rousseau) Do we manage to dive so deep inside ourselves to regain freedom? To let our pure self emerge? This is what her art is about. About the essence of BEING. The being in each individual and the being of our collective consciousness. We are all connected. If we do not honor Mother Earth, if we do not honor every single human being, if we do not honor every pain, every joy, every tear and every anger, we do not honor ourselves. Her painterly processes are accompanied by a quiet listening and feeling to her own light. The colors and shapes speak to her through her intuition and let her hands go into a dancing process.


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