artwork 21-001 by Malwin Faber

Artwork: 21-001 by Malwin Faber

Malerei, 100*150 cm abstrakt

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About the Artwork

Oil, acrylic and spray paint on canvas, 2021 This work is displayed as a 2m x 3m print version of the original work in one of the nine shop windows of the Klöpperhaus (former Galeria Kaufhof) directly opposite the Jupiter. This window display gives the Klöpperhaus, which is undergoing renovation until about 2025, a new art reference. In the middle of Hamburg's city center, the exhibition shows a wide selection of confrontations with artistic work processes and inspirations. They send out artistic impulses that invite visitors to stop and linger and reveal more about the works, the artists and the project with the help of the adjacent QR codes.

About the Artist

Malwin Faber creates complex synergies from gestural traces, sharp-edged cut-outs, lines and material textures. The abundance of different interwoven colours and shapes initially appears as a Gordian knot, demanding the full attention of the beholder. Faber focuses on presenting a fascinating interplay of seemingly contradictory images and outwardly contrasting prominences: the small-scale with the extensive, geometric elements contrasted with sweeping indexical signs, convergence with centrifugal force. Most striking is the simultaneity of speed and tranquillity, of coincidence and precision. The picture’s gradual composition resembles a jazz improvisation; it is a blend of freedom and discipline with alternating rhythms. (Text: Dagmar Lott-Reschke) Malwin Faber is currently part of the Kunstimpulse exhibition on Mönckebergstraße.


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