artwork 11°04'56.9"E by David Friedemann

Artwork: 11°04'56.9"E by David Friedemann

Malerei, 100*100 cm abstrakt

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About the Artwork

Acrylic, lacquer and coal on canvas, 2022

About the Artist

The artist's idea is to symbolize the view of an amorphous mass of people in a pulsating metropolis with the countless fragmented silhouettes that make up his paintings: Superficially, billowing shapes, lines, and colors reveal themselves. Only when one delves deeper does the particular, the individual in a scenario, become apparent. In the process, David Friedemann breathes life into his ephemeral figures with various materials and structures, creating countless captivating, albeit fleeting, counterparts for the viewer. A small oval, a few powerful lines - that's all it takes for the viewer to recognize a human being in seemingly random strokes and shapes. Whether these figures hidden in David Friedemann's paintings reveal themselves to the eye and what scenarios they represent depends entirely on the person who is looking for them. On his mood of the day, his dreams and memories. It is quite possible that today, when looking at the picture, a couple lying on the meadow shows itself to him, which tomorrow - in a different mood - is already invisible again.


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