MeetFrida goes VOLTA


VOLTA Basel has been one of the most influential art fairs in the world since 2005. Every year, renowned galleries bring their artists and their art to the Swiss metropolis and show the most innovative positions that the art market has to offer.

At VOLTA Basel, MeetFrida presents itself for the first time with art between real and digital. We will be showing two up-and-coming artists from Berlin and Montreal, whose art and subjects break down the boundaries between virtuality and real life. The special thing about it? We are the first gallery to show NFT art at a VOLTA.

Portraitfoto der Künstlerin Ju Schnee in ihrem Atelier

Ju Schnee graduated in Graz and currently lives in Berlin. She has exhibited mainly in Germany and Austria so far. Her art merges physical and virtual worlds by transferring digital objects into the real world and vice versa. Ju's artworks range from digital animations as NFTs to realistic paintings in oil and sculptures.

Portraitfoto der Künstlerin Roxanne Sauriol in ihrem Atelier

Roxanne Sauriol is a Canadian-based artist whose paintings have been exhibited internationally. While each of her works conveys different personal and existential messages, she describes women as the common denominator and an extension of herself. Sauriol begins her artistic process by developing concepts before photographing models. These photos serve as reference for the final composition, which is then executed with oil on wood or canvas - and on NFTs.


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