Portraitfoto der Künstlerin Roxanne Suariol, in ihrem Studio, vor figurativen Malereien

MeetRoxanne Sauriol

Roxanne Sauriol is a self taught artist based in Montreal, Canada whose paintings have been exhibited and collected internationally. She is known for her vivid paintings of female figures. While each of her pieces convey differing messages, women are the common denominator and vessel through which she paints an autobiographical narrative. Sauriol begins her artistic process by developing concepts followed by photographing her models. These photos serve as a reference for the final composition, which is then executed with oils on wood or canvas. Sauriol has been practicing her craft since 2008 shortly after the birth of her only daughter. "I believe the job of an artist is to bring into the physical world something that only exists in the subconscious, as the receiver of what is already there, like radio frequencies. It isn’t about doing something about reality, but reflecting the reality in which the artist exists."


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