Group exhibition in the MeetFrida Pop-Up Gallery


From 15 July, MeetFrida will be showing artworks by ten Hamburg artists in the Pop-Up Gallery in the Hanseviertel. The new group exhibition focuses on works by young artists that have been created in recent months and against the backdrop of the COVID crisis. The works deal with the identity of places, seek answers to fragmented realities and create approaches to a "new normal" between imagined and real space. Visitors can view the originals of the works on site, which we are bringing into public space as part of the Hamburg Summer of Culture.

Ein Mann mit pinker Kappe und Rucksack von hinten vor einem Kunstwerk.
Ein Glas Wein auf einem Ausstellungskatalog von MeetFrida, Joséphine Sagna

Birgit Klerch from Hamburg produces figurative and surrealistic paintings. Her works are based on photographs that are reconstructed on the computer. Thematically, Birgit Klerch has most recently devoted herself to festival scenes and landscapes.

Boje Arndt Kiesiel: The Hamburg-based Boje Arndt Kiesiels creates défrottages - paintings in which parts of the paint are removed from the canvas. His interpretation of this traditional technique leaves viewers free to create their own subjective impressions.

Christine Brey: The Hamburg-based artist Christine Brey specialises in graphite drawings. Her works address relationships of all kinds: between individuals, the individual and the group or the inner and outer.

Claudia Mächler: The paintings of Claudia Mächler from Hamburg are characterised by variation in the creative process. She experiments with different painting techniques between abstraction and detail. Her art is dedicated to people and their emotions.

Darko C. Nikolic: The Hamburg-based Darko C. Nikolic creates paintings, sculptures and murals. Inspired by Op- and Urban Art and Suprematism, he develops conceptual patterns. In his works, he addresses philosophical issues of the Enlightenment.

Besucher vor Werken der Künstlerin Magda Krawcewicz

Jana Schumacher: The artistic focus of Hamburg-based Jana Schumacher is on drawings and space-specific installations made of paper. In her abstract works, she addresses scientific fields and personal and social issues.

Jonathan Esperester: Jonathan Esperester from Hamburg creates figurative and surrealistic paintings. The basis of his art is his photo archive and memories that he takes out of their actual context. In his works he tells new, fictional stories.

Magda Krawcewicz: The artistic focus of Hamburg-based Magda Krawcewicz is on paintings in ink and gouache and sculptures. Her conceptual works thematise the search for self and the confrontation with one's own identity.

Malwin Faber: Hamburg-based Malwin Faber's artistic focus is abstract paintings full of contrasts: He combines strict patterns and colours with expansive structures. This creates interplays that leave a lot of interpretative freedom.

Stephan Hohenthanner: Stephan Hohenthanner from Hamburg creates figurative paintings that are characterised by accurately captured details. His works show landscapes, people and everyday scenes from an objective perspective.


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