Portraitfoto von Jana Schumacher in ihrem Atelier zwischen Kunstwerken

MeetJana Schumacher

Jana Schumacher, born 4.11.1983, in Bonn, lives and works in Hamburg. She completed her studies at HAW Hamburg, Department of Design, with a focus on drawing and graphics, from 2009 to 2013. Jana Schumacher has been represented at international exhibitions since 2011. Her artistic focus is on abstract drawing as well as space-related installations. Acoustic components and cross-genre approaches are incorporated into her exhibitions. "My artistic focus is primarily on drawings and space-related installations. Paper is often my basis for this. I use it in classical applications to draw on, but also for experimental installations and large-scale sculptures. In my paintings I often integrate formal languages of nature and its design principles, visible through structures and patterns in manifestations of fractal geometry. In terms of content, I deal with various scientific subject areas, as well as personal and socially relevant issues."


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