"spacial poems" - performance in the "o2-Studio" with Franziska Ostermann


“spacial poems”

"spacial poems" – Franziska Ostermann

March 17 - 30, 2023;
Mon – Sat 4:30 – 8 pm

reding performance / Meet & Greet & Drinks:
Saturday, Mach 25 4 - 6 pm

o2 Studio
TechVillage at Media Markt @ALEXA Berlin, Grunerstr. 20, 10179 Berlin

The MeetFrida Foundation has been making art visible in new ways since 2020: it lifts art out of the usual environment of galleries or museums and brings it to unexpected places, occupies unusual spaces, and serves as an innovative interface between art and viewer.

Together with Franziska Ostermann, MeetFrida transforms the o2 Studio in Berlin's ALEXA into such a place from March 17-31: as a pop-up gallery, it opens up a digital as well as physical space that allows the digital video installation "spacial poems" to be experienced and walked through in a physical way. The work was developed specifically for the space and as an extension of the content of "beyond" for the o2 Studio.

While in "beyond" Franziska Ostermann uses artistic means to explore the boundaries of digital photography to moving image, space and word, always guided by the desire to enter the space behind the digital surface, in the o2 Studio such a space behind the surface becomes reality: Spoken words change their shape and settle as bodies in the digital space. They move in a three-dimensional digital landscape and become immersively walkable as spatial poems. Thus, on the one hand, the o2 Studio becomes an embodiment of virtual spaces and, on the other hand, connects two spatially separated places with the help of the sound installation "on skin and screens," which can be heard synchronously in the exhibition and in the o2 Studio.

spacial poems, 2023
3D animation in video loop | 6:15 minutes | designed specifically for the o2 studio

on skin and screens, 2021
sound installation as sound track | 4 minutes | part of the solo exhibition "beyond" by Franziska Ostermann in Berlin

"beyond" – Franziska Ostermann

02. – 31.03.2023 | Finissage: 31.03., 3 – 6 pm

Galerie Kollaborativ

Saarbrücker Str. 25, 10405 Berlin



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