ReFraming Art: MeetFrida and stilwerk explore new ways of curating art


Art and culture help us feel at ease - whether at home, at work, or even in the city. MeetFrida is not the only one who knows this particularly well, but also our friends at stilwerk. That's why we're breaking new ground in the curation of art. Over the next few months, we will be launching our new collaboration ReFraming Art, in which we will be showcasing a wide variety of projects throughout the stilwerk designcenter in Hamburg.

ReFraming Art stilwerk Meetfrida Event

ReFraming Art kicks off with three installations by MeetFrida artists at stilwerk: Gabriele Walter's abstract sculptures hang in the foyer of the design center and create a unique light atmosphere, a large-scale mural by Nis Knudsen invites visitors to take a look, and several paintings by Hamburg-based artist Darko C. Nikolic guide visitors across the floors.

Visitors of the Art Event talking with each other on the sixth floor of stilwerk.
MeetFrida-Artists Gabriele Walter und Darko C. Nikolic talk to a visitor of the art event.

We celebrated the start of this special kind of cooperation on August 19 with our Art Event at stilwerk. While enjoying a cold drink and in the presence of the artists already exhibited in the foyer, art enthusiasts were given the opportunity to learn more about the work and cooperation of MeetFrida and stilwerk. MeetFrida initiator Dr. Anna Schwan provided the introduction to the evening, introducing not only MeetFrida but also the exhibiting artists. Afterwards, on the 6th floor of stilwerk, visitors had the opportunity to get in touch directly with the artists.

Introduction of the art event and ReFraming Art.
MeetFrida Initiator Anna Schwan moderating the introduction with Darko C. Nikolic and Nis Knudsen.

Starting in October, the old malthouse in the stilwerk will be transformed into a temporary studio for ReFraming Art: ten MeetFrida artists will work on new art directly in the design center during the Artist Residency. Under the motto Fast Forward, they create in-situ works that are exhibited directly at stilwerk. Visitors have the opportunity to experience the artistic processes up close - the design house on the Elbe becomes a place of production, dialogue and gathering. Among the artists participating in the first residency are Ki Yoon Ko, Magda Krawcewicz, Einsiedel+Jung, Jana Schumacher and Penny Monogiou.

Stay tuned - you'll hear more about ReFraming Art's other exciting projects soon in our newsletter, on our social channels, and on our website!

Kreativgesellschaft Förderung Kreative Zwischennutzung
Reframing Art stilwerk MeetFrida


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