Modern Fiction

German-Greek Artist Exchange with locations in Hamburg, Germany and Hydra, Greece

Modern Fiction, artwork by participating artist Alexis Fidetzis

Modern Fiction

German-Greek artist exchange program with locations in Hamburg, Germany and Hydra, Greece

We are launching an intercultural artist residency program to strengthen international networks. The exchange program, which is being piloted in Hamburg, aims to strengthen the understanding of the local art scene in Hamburg, Athens and Hydra.

The theme "Modern Fiction" is intended to encourage participating artists to creatively reflect on, explore and experiment with the contemporary issue of misinformation and "fake news" in today's world. The residency encourages collaboration on site, creates an atmosphere of dialog between artists and visitors and challenges them to look at their work process from a new perspective.

Alexis Fidetzis
Jana Schumacher
Magda Krawcewicz
Penny Monogiou

MeetFrida will realize this exchange in cooperation with the Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA), the Goethe-Institut Athens and the Fabrik der Künste in Hamburg. As early as April, five Greek artists will be welcomed to Hamburg, who will use the Hanseatic city as a place of production, exploration and dialog for three weeks. In addition to working on specific projects, they will get to know the Hamburg art scene and have the opportunity to expand their international network. The exchange is intended to strengthen Hamburg as an art location and bring the German-Greek community closer together. Following the residency, an exhibition of works by the participating Greek and German artists will be held in Hamburg.

In order to strengthen the dialogue between the artists themselves and to make the international discourse an inherent part of the exchange format, the program provides for cooperation by means of a kind of "tandem".

After this three-week stay in Hamburg, five Hamburg artists will travel to Hydra to develop and exhibit artistic works. For three weeks, the participants will use the island of Hydra as a place for artistic production, exploration and dialog, and then exhibit the resulting works at the same location.

Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA)

Founded in 1836, ASFA is a leading school of fine arts in Greece. Throughout its long history, legendary and leading Greek artists have left their mark as members of the school's faculty, thus establishing ASFA's prestigious name. The school has apartments and studios on Hydra, which it will make available for the residency of the German artists.

Fabrik der Künste Hamburg

The Fabrik der Künste Hamburg is a non-profit organization based in Hamburg Hammerbrook. The organization plans, develops and promotes creative and artistic projects. To this end, it has a total of 500 square meters of studio and exhibition space at its disposal, which is temporarily allocated to creative artists for various projects such as artistic and cultural events and other forms of cultural work.


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