We promote up-and-coming visual artists.


By making art visible in new ways. With projects and actions in digital and public spaces, exhibitions and artistic interventions.

Everything flows in the art market: digital influences, new generations of artists and other needs of art lovers have brought about the biggest changes in decades.

The MeetFrida Art Foundation supports artists by creating new art experiences and new ways of presenting art. It gives visibility, opens up new sales channels and also appeals to people who previously had little connection to art.

Rethinking the art market. And thus strengthen artists.

MeetFrida was launched in summer 2020 as a new initiative to promote artists. Today, MeetFrida represents over 70 international artists and makes their art visible in a new way.

In October 2021, the MeetFrida Foundation was established to anchor the initiative in the long term and institutionalize the promotion of artists.

City Art Week in Hamburgs Innenstadt 2020

New approaches to art create new paths to the art market.

Art enhances places. Especially when there are vacancies, when their attractiveness is at stake, when people need a reason to engage with their environment again. MeetFrida uses art in new ways in places - in digital space, in public space and in urban vacancies and open spaces. In this way we show: Art makes places relevant.

With the ARt Gallery, for example, we have created a virtual art show in public spaces: Here, the cell phone screen becomes a museum entrance, where you can experience visual art interactively and immerse yourself in a virtual group exhibition with 15 artists.

Augmented Reality Gallery in Basel 2021

Collaborations for art.

An important part of our collaborations are artistic partnerships with institutions from the international art scene. We are united with them by our conviction to make art accessible to a wider audience in new ways.

Equally important to us are collaborations with business partners. By bringing project partners and sponsors together with our artists for joint activities, we create new added value. We curate artistic projects with high visibility. Our work is an important component of CSR and social sustainability in terms of corporate good governance.

Popup Atelier von Darko Nikolic, Hamburg 2020


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