Art restores democracy

For the German state elections in Thuringia and Saxony, we are sending a strong signal of art, a call for commitment to democracy and against the right.

Kunst schafft Demokratie

Art restores democracy

In cooperation with the Kunstfest Weimar, we are planning an artistic performative intervention in Thuringia and Saxony this year on the occasion of the state elections in September 2024. Our main aim is to strengthen democratic values such as diversity, tolerance and openness to the world in order to counteract the right-wing pressure in these federal states. We are inviting artists to take part in this important campaign with their works. The selected artworks will be presented on 200 large-format billboards in public spaces in August to reach people directly in their everyday lives on the street. But we need your support to make it all happen!

In order to promote artistic diversity, we are launching an open call for regional and national artists. An independent jury of experts will evaluate the submitted works and select the most meaningful ones. The large-format posters in public spaces should above all depict a positive democratic narrative and encourage people to vote! This intervention is a project that is truly close to our hearts!

As we have unfortunately not yet been able to receive any financial support through funding, we will be launching a crowdfunding campaign with immediate effect to make democracy not only visible, but also tangible! The donations will finance the realization of the project and ensure that the artists receive an appropriate recognition fee.

Do you think the project is just as important as we do and would you like to support us? Then let's restore democracy through art and bring about positive change together! Every contribution counts - be it a donation or just sharing our project.

Let's spread the message together:
Art restores democracy!

Plakatwand zeigt Kunstwerk
Plakatwand zeigt Kunstwerk
Plakatwand zeigt Kunstwerk
Plakatwand zeigt Kunstwerk


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