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current surface

26/04 - 12/05/2023

Wednesday, 26. April
6 - 10 pm

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How does art make us look beyond the surface and discover the worlds behind a two-dimensional surface?
To what extent does the concept of superficiality shape art - or can and must it distance itself from this concept?
What connotations does "superficiality" bring with it, and how can these be overcome?

In a time characterized by fast-paced life and social media, many things initially seem to be geared towards a superficial "first glance" - not least shaped by various social power structures and traditional ideals of beauty that are ever-present in both the media and art today.

current surface brings together four female artists who have dedicated themselves to the theme in four small, specially conceived solo exhibitions.
Ju Schnee, Elisa Klinkenberg, Annique Delphine, and Janine Kuehn invite visitors to the four containers in the entrance area of POP KUDAMM into their visual worlds and present their current surface in their very own way:

Annique Delphine examines society's rigid view of femininity under the motto "Reclaim the Feminine", Ju Schnee plays with the discrepancy between haptic surfaces and virtual worlds, Elisa Klinkenberg transforms the space into her center court, and Janine Kuehn deals with the translation and retranslation of natural surfaces into digital color surfaces in digital and manual image manipulation.

The surface in current surface thus does not form a rigid construct but is a constantly changing invitation to dive into a depth of art and one's unconscious.
With current surface, the MeetFrida Foundation is already showing the second group exhibition within the Berlin Gallery Weekend.

POP KUDAMM is a place for cultural diversity and exploration of the future. togetherness. POP KUDAMM meets in the area of tension between art, research, economy, intellect and brand. POP stands for "Place of Participation". Participation means co-design, because POP KUDAMM is made by everyone.

Ju Schnee

In her work, Ju Schnee plays with the surfaces and superficialities of the digitally transformed world. She works multi-medially and lets reality merge with the virtual world by bringing digital objects into the physical world - and vice versa.

The repertoire of forms that predominates in Ju Schnee's canvases and sculptures takes the viewer into a seemingly virtual world composed of a multitude of forms, materialities, and colors.

Abbildung Ju Schnee: Boundaries

We're in this together (2022), oil on linen + AR, 170 x 150 cm

Elisa Klinkenberg

Elisa Klinkenberg shows in current surface her new series of works "MAKE IT YOUR OWN COURT", which spans a bridge between her two lives: Klinkenberg's past as a professional tennis player on the one hand and her current reality as an artist on the other.

Klinkenberg transforms her container into a walk-in center court: court lines on the floor, flying tennis balls in the air, and painted nets on the wall. She thereby transforms it into her very own court and in the works deals with the question: what does it mean and how does one succeed in both temporarily using situations, places, and spaces for oneself and making them "one's own court"?

Abbildung: Elisa Klinkenberg PLAY

NEW BALLS PLEASE (2023), acrylic, spray paint, marker on round canvas, 80 x 80 cm

Annique Delphine

Annique Delphine is a multidisciplinary artist whose work explores feminism, sexuality, female identity, and, along with it, the meaning of (female) self-image in social media. Her works provoke and question social norms as well as traditional symbols of femininity in photography, painting, film, and installation.

Central elements in her work include small round silicone breasts, which appear repeatedly in her photographic works or become installation pieces such as the "Boobchair". They seem to confront society directly with its rigid concept of femininity and the constant eroticization of female bodies - among other things on social media. "Reclaim the Feminine" is the motto that accompanies her in her works.

Abbildung Annique Delphine LIFE AND DEATH

LIFE AND DEATH (2021), acrylic on canvas, 185 x 155 cm

Janine Kuehn

Janine Kuehn's art plays with reality and perception, it deals with the relationship between man and his environment. Between art and portrait photography, digital and analog techniques and artificial intelligence, her works allow different ways of looking to flow together. In an experimental work process, Kuehn translates analog and digital techniques into each other. Make-up, styling and setting, painting, collage and digital image processing result in ever new hybrid effects in collaboration with artificial intelligence.

In her most recent series, Kuehn questions the unambiguousness of the surface. With the help of synthographic processes, she creates female figures, which she subsequently recontextualizes and reshapes. Through digital painting, she creates new contexts, forms, and color accents. In the process, hybrid worlds of figures emerge that take up the pop aesthetics of the 1980s, and which always make one wonder which of the many surfaces is actually to be trusted.

The motifs of "Female Studies" seem to dissolve - their boundaries blur, only to eventually take on other forms and temporarily reveal themselves as new individuals. The portraits of the "Lipstick Studies" allow an intimate level to shimmer through behind the facade of digital makeup, where the figures rest within themselves for a moment.

Abbildung Janine Kuehn: Female Studies III

Female Studies III (2023), Mixed Media, 80 x 60 cm

Ausstellungsfoto current surface
Ausstellungsfoto current surface
Ausstellungsfoto current surface
Ausstellungsfoto current surface
Ausstellungsfoto current surface
Ausstellungsfoto current surface
Ausstellungsfoto current surface
Ausstellungsfoto current surface
Ausstellungsfoto current surface
Ausstellungsfoto current surface
Ausstellungsfoto current surface
current surface: Ausstellungsansicht Janine Kuehn
current surface: Ausstellungsansicht Ju Schnee
current surface: Ausstellungsansicht Elisa Klinkenberg
current surface: Ausstellungsansicht Annique Delphine
current surface: Ausstellungsansicht Ju Schnee


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