Claudia Mächler and Penny Monogiou MeetFrida's Pop-Up Gallery


The motto "Fast Forward" sets the programme: whether dreams of the future, utopia or dystopia - with the end of the pandemic in sight, #MeetFrida dares to look into the future and asks for new ways of living. In the Pop-Up Gallery in the Hanseviertel, the exhibition of two very special artists began on 1 June: Claudia Mächler and Penny Monogiou. Both explore the human form in their art in very different ways and complement each other perfectly in this double exhibition.

Claudia Mächler

Claudia Mächler's work is based on a central theme: the human being. The Hamburg artist shows him in his entirety or as a portrait and breaks with expectations and visual habits. Her large-format paintings challenge the viewers' habits.

Eine Besucherin betrachtet die Kunstwerke von Claudia Mächler in der MeetFrida Pop-Up Gallery
Claudia Mächler und eine Besucherin in der MeetFrida Pop-Up Gallery

Penny Monogiou

In her series of portrait paintings, the Cypriot artist Penny Monogiou breaks with classical images of beauty. Her paintings take up baroque ideals of beauty only to alienate and question them in the next moment. The disfigured faces remain difficult to read and leave the viewer stupefied.

Besucherinnen betrachten ein Bild der Künstlerin Penny Monogiou
Die Künstlerin Penny Monogiou zeigt in der MeetFrida Pop Up Gallery ihre Kunst

You missed the exhibition? Don't worry, we have immortalised Claudia and Penny's images in the Pop-Up Gallery in a 360 degree exhibition on the Artland platform. Click on the button below and take a virtual tour through our gallery!

Claudia und Penny in der Pop-Up Gallery


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