BEYOND MONUMENTAL – ARt Gallery at Alter Wall



6/11 - 10/11/2022

Alter Wall 12, Gateway about the monkey sculpture in public space

Sunday, 6.11. 13 - 18.00
Monday till Thursday, 7. - 10.11. 12 - 14.00

From November 6 to 10, the MeetFrida Foundation in cooperation with the Altes Wall shows the augmented reality (AR) exhibition BEYOND MONUMENTAL in public space, directly opposite the Bucerius Kunstforum. Eight young artists have created works especially for this digital exhibition that can be experienced via cell phone or tablet - simply accessed via QR code in the browser, an app is not necessary. 16 works are on display here, merging real and digital spaces. The gateway to the exhibition is a three-meter-high pink monkey sculpture that holds the QR code on its paw.

The artists Jonathan Esperester, David Friedemann, Julia Kloos, Malwin Faber, Marlen Schulz, Christine Brey, Claudia Mächler and Nis Knudsen show artworks that deal with spatial structures in different ways. They refer to the location of the Alter Wall and to space in general - in the middle of Hamburg, right next to the city hall, the political hub, a postcard motif for tourists and a place of (re)discovery for Hamburgers and tourists alike. As sculptural works, they want to open up new forms of vision and revitalize the place: the ARt Gallery creates quality of stay with a newly occupiable monument space and as a digital monument for a limited period of time. At a time when private and public spaces have merged without clear boundaries and real and digital space are also becoming increasingly intertwined, the exhibition aims to explore this dissolution and blurring of traditional spatial experiences.

The editions of the works are available as limited and individualized art prints through our Online Gallery :
Jonathan Esperester
David Friedemann
Julia Kloos
Malwin Faber
Marlen Schulz
Christine Brey
Claudia Mächler
Nis Knudsen

a selection of the haptic works can also be seen in the store "Alina Klemm" at Alter Wall 20-22. This is already the second collaboration between MeetFrida and Art-Invest Real Estate after the successful realization of the AR installation "StrollingAround" by Ju Schnee in spring and summer this year.

alter wall

Film: © Alter Wall Hamburg


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