The new exhibition Beyond Form, which will be on view at MeetFrida Art Space from January 15 to March 20 2022, brings together three artists* whose work deals primarily with the experience of form and color. While Manuela Karin Knaut's works explore the relationships between form, color, surface and writing with an almost childlike curiosity, Elisa Klinkenberg's latest works are primarily characterized by the act of movement. Meeson Pae also incorporates movement into her art: namely, her digital sculptures move like living organisms, sometimes in space.

Artwork by Elisa Klinkenberg

Elisa Klinkenberg: Movement as Abstraction

Beyond Form will be the premiere for Elisa Klinkenberg's new series of works, which combine her artistry with another passion: tennis. Klinkenberg, who has been a professional tennis player for years, turned her studio into a tennis court in recent months, exploring the effects of athletic movement and equipment as a medium. The images she created reflect the energy of the sport.

Artwork by Studio Meeson

Meeson Pae: Abstraction in Motion

Artist Meeson Pae, whose works are being presented for the first time in Hamburg and only the second time in Germany, brings another dimension of artistic abstraction to the exhibition with her NFT works. The digitally created forms explore the relationship between technical structures, mythology and natural systems. Pae often isolates a design element, which then develops into a complex independent composition through repetition and expansion. Through endlessly recurring sequences of movement, they often appear as a hybrid between nature and technology.

Artwork by Manueal Karin Knaut

Manuela Karin Knaut: Encounter and Abstraction

The third position of the exhibition is formed by the large-format paintings of Manuela Karin Knaut, which also celebrate their premiere in this exhibition.
Knaut draws inspiration for her works from everyday encounters, brief moments or conversations. In doing so, emotion and an interpersonal exchange is always the guiding thought in the process of creating each painting. Knaut approaches the canvas with a balance of intuition and intention, whereby the color scheme of her works is characterized by a constantly new and impressive versatility.

All three artists process current issues in their work and explore social boundaries through the process of abstraction. For the first time, their works are shown together in an exhibition and are thus brought into exchange with each other, allowing the individual works to enter into novel relationships.

Kreativgesellschaft Förderung Kreative Zwischennutzung
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