City Art Week 2020 : MeetFrida brings color to Hamburg's city centre


From 29 October to 9 November, we gave Hamburg's Passagenviertel a new shine: With large-format prints by 40 artists, we transformed the shopping arcades on the Neuer Wall in Hamburg into a temporary museum. We installed prints up to four metres in size as ceiling hangings above the heads of the visitors.

Großformatige Kunstdrucke hängen von der Decke der Hamburger Galleria Passage. Urheber der Werke von vorne nach hinten: Bobbie Serrano, Svenja Maaß, Jonathan Esperester.

On the accompanying "Art Walk", art lovers were guided through the Stadthöfe, Galleria-Passage, Kaisergalerie, Hanseviertel and Mellinpassage past more than 50 positions in painting, sculpture and photography. All of the top-class artists were part of #MeetFrida and the Spiegelberger Foundation's PArt project - we showed works by Magda Krawcewicz, Penny Monogiou, wearevisual, Paulo de Brito, Xiyao Wang and Jana Schumacher, among others.

Großformatige Kunstdrucke hängen von der Decke der Kaisergalerie in Hamburg. Urheber der Werke von links nach rechts: Ivo von Renner, Ju Schnee, Dirk Meinzer, Isabell Kamp.
Großformatige Kunstdrucke hängen von der Decke der Rotunde im Hamburger Hanseviertel. Urheber der Werke von links nach rechts: Jana Schumacher, Magda Krawcewicz, ZEBU, Xiyao Wang, David Friedemann, Joséphine Sagna, Paul Wesely.

In addition to the prints on display, participants were able to take part in the Art Walk in the open studio of our artist Darko C. Nikolic and gain direct insights into Nikolic's working methods. The City Art Week ended with a finissage in the form of a pop-up art fair at Schmidt & Schmidtchen in the Galleria-Passage.

Künstler Darko C. Nikolic mit einer Besucherin in seinem offenen Atelier im Hanseviertel

With the City Art Week, we were once again able to bring art directly into the lives of Hamburg's population and thus give our artists new visibility. We could hardly have chosen a better time: Shortly after the Art Week, we entered the second lockdown. Many thanks to all visitors of the Art Walk and the City Art Week - we hope that we could inspire you again before the Lockdown!

P.S.: If you didn't make it to the City Art Week, you can collect impressions of our posters in the Abendjournal tv feature!


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