Collaboration and creation: MeetFrida Artist Residency with ten artists


In the fall, ten MeetFrida artists will transform the old malt house on the fourth floor of the Design Center stilwerk into a place of creative development, collaborative in situ production, and artistic awakening. A group exhibition will then showcase the work produced on site.

From realistic painting to abstraction and conceptual projects to spatial installations and sculptural works: The artists in the residency unfold the full spectrum of artistic work. Ten emerging artists from Hamburg have been selected for the residency from the MeetFrida portfolio: Ki Yoon Ko, Magda Krawcewicz, Malwin Faber, Jana Schumacher, Stephan Hohenthanner, Penny Monogiou, Nis Knudsen, Darko C. Nikolic, Malwin Faber and the duo Einsiedel+Jung.

The residency is open to visitors - art lovers and novices alike can immerse themselves in a creative atmosphere and experience the artistic process as well as the range of artistic positions.

Logo of the cooperation Reframing Art.

Various events accompany the residency, which is sponsored by the Hamburg Kreativgesellschaft as part of the "Frei_Flächen" program. Public tours of the temporary studio will take place from October 21 to 23 in cooperation with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation. Art collectors and lovers can also get in touch with the artists directly and gain deeper insights into their work at the Artist Dinner on October 22. And on November 4 at 6 p.m., the accompanying group exhibition will open, showcasing the work produced on site through the end of November.

We look forward to seeing you there! You are welcome to send us your registrations for the events by mail to!

Kreativgesellschaft Förderung Kreative Zwischennutzung
Reframing Art stilwerk MeetFrida


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