Der Rest ist Magic

Renata Palekcic & Janine Eggert

Header: Der Rest ist Magic

17/11 - 16/12 2022

Donnerstag, 17. November, 18 Uhr

Einführung in die Ausstellung von Anne Simone Krüger, Kunsthistorikerin

Opening hours: Mon-Sat 10am - 6 pm
Free entry

Foto: © Helge Mundt

MeetFrida Art Space
Große Elbstraße 68
stilwerk, 4th floor

The MeetFrida Art Foundation is showing its last exhibition for the time being in the space of the MeetFrida ArtSpace at stilwerk in November and December. Two artists show works between corporeal paper sculptures and psychedelic-colorful steel formations.

Renata Palekcic understands her works on and from paper itself as "three-dimensional drawing" to occupy space and as a sculptural exploration of paper in the form of objects and installations. With the help of injurious cuts on the surface, three-dimensional and multi-layered material formations result, voluminously deforming the medium of paper and turning it into organic structures. The objects are constantly evolving in different variations and can almost be understood as a constant "work in progress", in which recurring actions are always used to address new spaces and contexts.
Janine Eggert's works both on paper and in steel appear as a contrast. Her works also leave their original level of meaning as car rims and become pieces of jewelry that form a stage-like façade as architectural elements. They function both in the installation and as a component on the car itself as an ornamental element, where they embody attributes such as hardness, power and dynamism, or even wealth and glamour. In the installation, on the other hand, the angular, dynamic aluminum rims become static ornaments: on the one hand, they are reminiscent of places of artistic production, which are often found in the vicinity of industrial production; on the other hand, their dynamism and "hardness" seem to be softened by the transformation in material and color.
Anne Simone Krüger, art historian, will introduce the exhibition at the vernissage on November 17.

Renata Palekcic:

(*1973), lives and works in Hamburg. She studied at the Universidad de Sevilla, Spain and the Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Hamburg. Works by her were most recently exhibited In the MeetFrida group exhibition "Beyond Space" in Hamburg and Berlin, Galerie Ladons, Galerie 21 im Vorwerkstift or the Frise Künstlerhaus in. Palekcic often works in a variety of ways with the work material paper, which is given further dimensions and levels of meaning with the help of fine processing.

Artwork by Renata Palekcic

Janine Eggert:

lives and works in Berlin as a freelance artist and curator. She studied fine arts at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Hamburg and at the Çentro de Art & Comunicaçao Visual, Lisbon. Her works have recently been shown in solo and group exhibitions at Outsource Skulpturenprojekt in Uferhallen Berlin, Galerie im Marstall in Ahrensburg or Künstlerhaus Lauenburg, Galerie im Saalbau or KINDL Haus in Berlin, among others. For 2023, exhibitions are planned at Westwerk Hamburg, Bildraum Bregenz or Kunstforum Montafon. In her artistic work, she explores in sculptural and installation works, among other things, the relationship between ornamentation, symmetry and repetition in industrially manufactured objects.

Artwork by Janine Eggert

Installation view: Der Rest ist Magic
Installation view: Der Rest ist Magic
Installation view: Der Rest ist Magic
Installation view: Der Rest ist Magic
Installation view: Der Rest ist Magic
Installation view: Der Rest ist Magic
Installation view: Der Rest ist Magic
Installation view: Der Rest ist Magic

Photos: © Artland


Thursday, November 17, 6 pm
Introduction to the exhibition by Anne Simone Krüger, art historian

Thursday, December 1st, 7 pm

Friday, December 16, 6pm


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