artwork White Cube by Anabelle von Georg

Artwork: White Cubeby Anabelle von Georg

Malerei, 70*100 cm abstrakt

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About the Artwork

White Cube was one of the first cubes I painted. A cube in a highly abstracted form. Little color, full effect. The change in the well known and ordinary geometry of a cube may briefly catch the viewer's eye on what is painted. I have to conclude that the Cubes are either very well received or not at all. I, on the other hand, feel a wondrous affection for these crooked objects.

About the Artist

The artist about her work: "In the spring of 2019 I stumbled across an easel in the hardware store. In the afternoon of the same day I began to paint. My works deal with the reduction of color and form to the essentials. I choose minimalist compositions and let them unfold their maximum effect. Central attributes of my works are on the one hand expression and power, on the other hand harmony and aesthetics. The paintings flatter the eye of the beholder. Mostly."


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