artwork the week after tomorrow [Apocalypse Now] by kdm

Artwork: the week after tomorrow [Apocalypse Now]by kdm

Skulptur, 30*40 *2.5 cm konzeptionell

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About the Artwork

Pasted Risographs, framed. What is a day in our lives? And how is one day connected to another until a whole life is filled? We dealt with this question in our installation Apocalypse Now 2020 in Solingen, which can be viewed on our homepage. the week after tomorrow is an excerpt from this installation. Framed is a weekly calendar sheet, with an "event" (perhaps a week's holiday?) wallpapered over it.

About the Artist

Konstitutiv der Möglichkeiten has been working together as an artist duo since 2017. Their collaborative practice under the joint label adapts forms of branding and strategies of self-marketing. They move between signature and brand, artistic identity, recognition and market-shaped visibility. Their works are often created with recourse to found objects and assemble them together with figurative gestures into scenic images. The figures appear as placeholders and stands, enriched with the melancholy of the void. They combine elements of Post Minimal and the everyday and object language of Pop, with narrative elements such as those found in the Belgian artist duo De Gruyter & Thys. The Konstitutiv der Möglichkeiten was founded in spring 2017 by the artists Nina Nick and Valerie Buchow. Nina Nick (*1988) studied with Prof. Rosemarie Trockel as well as Prof. Franka Hörnsche- meyer at the Düsseldorf Art Academy, where she graduated in 2019. Valerie Buchow (*1987) studied sculpture at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf with Prof. Didier Vermeiren, Prof. Jürgen Drescher as well as Prof. Martin Gostner, where she also graduated in 2019. Her works have been exhibited at Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, Malkasten and K21 Düsseldorf as well as at Gold und Beton in Cologne, among others. Jan Wagner / Filmwerkstatt Düsseldorf


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