artwork Sumpflilienkraut_15_18 by Renate Gaisser

Artwork: Sumpflilienkraut_15_18 by Renate Gaisser

Malerei, 90*90 cm realistisch

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About the Artwork

Oil on canvas Sprouting marsh lily herb seems to float above the water surface, the reflecting shadows combine with the green and yellow tones of the leaves to the picture-filling and constantly repeating motif. With fine brushstrokes and hard contrasts, sometimes painted figuratively or abstractly, each picture creates its own, almost palpable tension. Despite similar shapes and colors, the motifs draw the viewer into the paintings. Reduced to a section of nature, they intensify the seeing and convey a sensual experience. With impressive continuity and consistency, Renate Gaisser spreads out a true school of seeing for the viewer and herself. Gaisser does not paint from templates, her paintings are created over hours directly in nature, with light and shadow constantly changing. (Christel Rossner)

About the Artist

In concentrated series of motifs Renate Gaisser deals with what is seen outside in nature. Regardless of whether we are confronted with winter impressions of withered blades of grass or summer water plants flowing away - amidst lilies and lines - we could just as easily perceive abstract painting compositions in them. In them, the questions of every pictorial structure return, of condensation and isolation, light and dark, the colorfulness of the shadows, space and surrounding space, of dynamics and solidification, of chaos and order. Thus, literally immersed in the diverse water-plant formations, which are able to flow over the boundaries of representation of the stretcher and at the same time are set with rather dry oil paint, the viewer loses himself completely in the depths and shallows of nature reflected in them.


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