artwork Raum_Zeit_Falte #2 by Gabriele Walter

Artwork: Raum_Zeit_Falte #2by Gabriele Walter

Skulptur, 40*40 *25 cm abstrakt

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About the Artwork

Translucent acrylic glass, cables, tape, 2019. Colored shadow spaces become the central research theme in the latest works. Here the shadow is no longer a derivative of a body but becomes an autonomous sculpture. The folded, painted and pasted sculptures made of acrylic glass, with their inherent translucence, change their color and apparently also their shape depending on the incidence of light. They make spatiality tangible in an impressive way. Postmodern reverse painting on glass could be the title of this process, which is in the tradition of painted church windows. The floating acrylic glass sculptures conquer space and develop sculptural spaces with light and movement, as the artist develops a fusion of physical real space and virtual immaterial space. The mirror worlds of the high-gloss acrylic seem to reflect reality, but are only an optical illusion.

About the Artist

The dissolution of conventional spatial perception requires artistically new forms of presentation. Gabriele Walter succeeds in this by creating mirrored, light and colored shadow spaces of great depth and developing new spatial experiences from the combination of movement, light and shadow. The shadow is no longer the derivative of a body, but becomes an autonomous sculpture for Gabriele Walter.


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