artwork People waiting by Sabela Garcia Cuesta

Artwork: People waitingby Sabela Garcia Cuesta

Zeichnung, 42*59 cm abstrakt

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About the Artwork

Acrylic on paper. Sometimes you really want something but you cannot make it happen as fast as you wish. Learning to go with the flow is not as easy as it seems. Enjoying the now and contemplating is exactly what is depicted in this painting. They are waiting for the reaction. Until now they have been patient.

About the Artist

Sabela García Cuesta is a Hamburg based intuitive artist originally from Spain. Her mission is to use art as a powerful tool to channel energies, to empower others to see what they are unable to see and to inspire and encourage those who have not yet discovered how powerful art is and how it can change their lives. When she is in front of a white paper, she tunes in and lets her intuition guide her. In this meditative state, her emotions take unexpected shape. She feels colors and then she let go.


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