artwork o.T. by Nis Knudsen

Artwork: o.T. by Nis Knudsen

Fotografie, 10.8*8.5 cm abstrakt

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About the Artwork

Polaroid Picture, Unique.

About the Artist

The Hamburg artist Nis Knudsen deals in his work with color surfaces, as well as their constellations and combinations. For example, he uses an instant camera to capture various structures on the facades of buildings and stages them as cutouts. Although the medium of photography is pictorial, Nis Knudsen tries to select the image details in such a way that few conclusions can be drawn about the original and rather the uniqueness of an ordinary facade is captured as a composition. The instant pictures, as such unique specimens, require extensive preparation, so that the snapshot character of instant photography is eliminated and the photos seem more like small, abstract paintings and in this respect are not so far removed from his paintings. In his paintings, Knudsen places areas of color next to each other in order to recombine or erase them again and again in a long painting process. In his current work, in addition to oil and acrylic paints, Nis Knudsen mainly uses pastel crayons and pigments, which he rubs onto the raw fabric and thus paints his pictures by layering and overlapping color surfaces.


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