artwork OHNE TITEL II-I by Anke Stiller

Artwork: OHNE TITEL II-Iby Anke Stiller

Fotografie, 120*80 cm Pop Art

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About the Artwork

Digital C-print on aluminum dibond, framed, edition: 2/4+1. The motif of the photographic work WITHOUT TITLE II shows a specific detail of a former advertising poster in the city, the jags of a star, as it is often used in advertising. The photograph originates from a photo series of 2009 in which I dealt with the imagery of posters and billboards by means of various concise photographic excerpts, which I captured with my camera on my numerous expeditions in various cities. My gaze focused on the representative, typifying content of these posters, whose pictorial motifs subconsciously inundate us daily in urban space.

About the Artist

I work as a visual artist cross-medially in the fields of conceptual graphics, performance, video art, and photography. In my largely conceptual works, I investigate culture-defining mass media phenomena. For example, I use and quote advertising slogans, details of billboards, song lyrics, or the headlines of the Bild newspaper in order to place them in new contexts or stringent comparative series. This is done out of a continuous interest in learning something about the current state of society, which is reflected in its products.


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