artwork Nah der Natur: Eisbärin by Isabel Ritter

Artwork: Nah der Natur: Eisbärinby Isabel Ritter

Skulptur, 28*11 *2.5 cm figurativ

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About the Artwork

Edition: 18. wall relief "NAH DER NATUR (EISBÄRIN)" is also a human-animal hybrid. Originally, the work is modeled with clay. With the finished clay model, a negative mold has been made for multiplication. Hard plaster is used to cast this mold, which is comparable to porcelain in terms of stability. For additional stabilization, reinforcements are also cast in. The edition is limited to 18. Each work is painted individually after the drying time.On the back is a suspension, which makes it very easy to hang on the wall.

About the Artist

For the bodies of her sculpture series "wrapped" Isabel Ritter uses a "hollow iron" when working the wood (contrary to its original purpose of removing as much wood as possible at an early stage of the work) she uses the hollow shape of the iron for the conclusion of the work in order to create linear structures and ridge lines in a drawing-like manner, which on the one hand circumscribe the volume of the resulting form and at the same time "visually contract" it. Through this surface structure, the bodies experience an abstraction. But also in terms of content, for example, a "blue feather body" (see "Close to Nature #1") can undergo a transformation into hybrid human-animal beings and thus expand thematically. In contrast to this are the finely worked out faces which serve as fixed points for the recipients and only through the combination of the formally and/or contentwise opposing bodies sculptures with great aesthetic tension and freedom arise.


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