artwork maybe I was too long in the toscan sun in October 2022, Italien by Marlen Schulz

Artwork: maybe I was too long in the toscan sun in October 2022, Italienby Marlen Schulz

Malerei, 20*25 cm abstrakt

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About the Artwork

Plein Air, acrylic & polychromos on canvas, 2022

About the Artist

The artist about her work: "In my painting I deal with small fleeting moments that I want to capture, which are quickly lost in everyday life or rush past you. So I paint moments that are important to me and or people who mean a lot to me. In some pictures, everything comes together. Then they get a depth, a felt moment. Purely painterly, I am also interested, detached from the subject, contrasts. Light to dark, loud to quiet, lines to surface, dense to open, bright to dull, pattern to plain. I'm always on the lookout for the perfect pink. Fortunately, I haven't found it yet."


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