artwork Mary Jane by Birgit Klerch

Artwork: Mary Janeby Birgit Klerch

Malerei, 100*120 cm figurativ

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About the Artwork

Oil on canvas. 2021 Festival. A couple dances, a band plays in the background, wolves appear like ghosts. The abstract traces describe the movement of the scene.

About the Artist

Birgit Klerch is a visual artist who deals with parallel worlds such as festivals and camping. Her most recent works are landscapes, inspired by the Fridays for Future movement. "Characteristic of the work (...) is the game with the balancing act between detailed representation and being non-representational resolving image segments as well as the reproduction of a reality that is alienated to a certain extent, which is mainly caused by the idiosyncratic colors. " – Anne Simone Krüger, art historian M.A.


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