artwork lipstick studies lll by Janine Kuehn

Artwork: lipstick studies lllby Janine Kuehn

Mixed-Media, 30*40 cm abstrakt

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About the Artwork

Fine Art Print (Römerturm KOH-I-NOOR 100% cotton), 2022 incl. framing In her most recent series, Kuehn questions the unambiguousness of the surface. With the help of synthographic processes, she creates female figures, which she subsequently recontextualizes and reshapes. Through digital painting, she creates new contexts, forms, and color accents. In the process, hybrid worlds of figures emerge that take up the pop aesthetics of the 1980s, and which always make one wonder which of the many surfaces is actually to be trusted. The motifs of "female studies" seem to dissolve - their boundaries blur, only to eventually take on other forms and temporarily reveal themselves as new individuals. The portraits of the "lipstick studies" allow an intimate level to shimmer through behind the facade of digital makeup, where the figures rest within themselves for a moment.

About the Artist

Janine Kuehn's works play with reality and perception. Between art and portrait photography as well as digital and analogue techniques, they allow different levels of seeing to merge into each other. Her distinctive style is based on an experimental process that combines motif or model with make-up, styling, setting, image editing, painting and collage. This process does not aim at depiction, but creates states - images that open up perspectives on their starting point. Janine Kuehn has been working as a freelance artist since 2010 and lives in Berlin. In addition to her mixed media works, she focuses on music and portrait photography.


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