artwork Leichte Schwere by Tanja Hehmann

Artwork: Leichte Schwereby Tanja Hehmann

Malerei, 80*100 cm abstrakt

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About the Artwork

Acrylic and oil on canvas, signed on the back. This work comes from Tanja Hehmann's series Passages and Enclaves: "The spaces designed here and at the same time remain indeterminate deny the eye hold and orientation: not fixed in the foreground and background is played with the different proportions of the structures. Janus-headed, obscuring tilt images! Against these ideas of space Hehmann sets the painterly element of the color pours. But the groping exploration of contrasts does not follow the same principle of the construction of a space and its subsequent disturbance or opening.  Likewise, the amorphous islands of color can be the starting point on the initially white surface, to which the graphic formations then join, competing or conspiring. "Helene Roolf, M.A.

About the Artist

In her painting, Tanja Hehmann reflects on scientific questions, e.g. particle physics and the origin of the universe. Her anthropological and personal questions aim at the sensitive border areas, such as between waking and sleeping, intuitive and validatable knowledge, life and death. The Hamburg artist is convinced that there is still much that can be explored behind the reality that is visible to us. She links and connects the various thematic areas in her works experimentally and formally in different ways. She begins her work with pours of paint on lying canvases. This creates amorphous, free structures, islands of color and gradients, which, for example, make one think of clouds in the sky. In many of her works, the Hamburg artist additionally combines these open pictorial spaces with graphic, constructive settings, new pictorial worlds with a dwelling character: "Tanja Hehmann creates pictures in which color stands for itself on the one hand and opens up entire universes on the other. It is both pure matter and painted philosophy." (Anne Simone Krüger)


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